4 December 2.015

Fourth day with Pro Snooker Spain correspondent at the Barbican Centre in York

They started the quarter-finals… And how!
The eight qualified players, They gambled his pass to semifinals, They faced two intense and exciting sessions.

Session 14:00 h.:

– Neil Robertson v John Higgins.
The crossings had wanted these two players will meet in what could be called an early end.
The Australian player (tournament winner 2.013), which yesterday gave a lecture in his match against Stephen Maguire, his move to semifinals played against John Higgins (three-time champion of this tournament and four-time world). Both players arrived in good shape and certainly we would offer a great match.

– Liang Wenbo v Marco Fu.
The young Chinese player reached the quarter made two great comebacks Judd Trump and Tom Ford, third and fourth rounds respectively; while the Happy Valley (finalist in the tournament 2.008 and last year also reached the quarter) He managed to go round after beating Shaun Murphy, for the second year, in their second round clash.


Neil Robertson v John Higgins

John Higgins and Neil Robertson started their quarter-final as if it were a final, with a very large mutual respect, knowing the skill rival with taco. Neil could catch the first control of the table but an unexpected failure of the Australian led to defensive warfare and Higgins, in this respect it is superior to Robertson watched the Scot took control and made more history for snooker with his hundred number 600; public vibrated with the Scottish break (119) and the importance of timing lived.


After the ecstasy of the first frame we lived another type of game and not least attractive (defensive play). Neil came out determined not to be left behind in the match and managed to catch the first control of the second frame but could not find his game long distance and breaks were not very high, the tension of the moment and could tell what was at stake (semis UK). Neil finally obtained a good break with a good defense that made him regain control again and to close a somewhat thick frame for the viewer. Neil Robertson, knowing the power of Higgins in defensive struggles, many wars did not want that guy with the Scottish and gave us a hundred (106), giving a lecture of his power.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = dsNtMak1R98&feature=youtu.be&a

Robertson was the best for the little fighting and keep sitting Higgins, that single rose in the next frame to rest for good hits after complicated attacks with some defense Neil; defenses that enabled him to achieve breaks in 59 Y 71 and grab a frame that put him 3 a 1.


He started the game after the break, the fifth frame, key frame options Higgins he should stop creative play Robertson if he would be on the ropes in the next two frames. Higgins began defending very well, Neil as the minimum attacks and destroys you. The frame became atypical, with 14 red balls on top of the table, and provided that the player who became the first turn resolved in a row. And so it was. With this shift the Australian achieved a break of 56 combining 13 red balls: 4 a 1 and Higgins had no margin of error and had to stop the power of Robertson, he relaxed and Scottish spared with good entries, which served to put the 4 a 2 on the scoreboard. Higgins, although the gap, I was not comfortable at the table and knowing it knew regain calm and pull expertise to meet another key frame and made a charm with another hundred (134) imposing their law on the table and getting just one frame of Australian (4-3)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = QzPuzCaqC6M&feature=youtu.be&a

The match was very interesting, thing not like Neil, He is returning to command on the table but not as he usually does (with its fantastic hundreds). This time there were short breaks but also very effective and especially to play the moral rival entering the table with very complicated situations like the case of Higgins tried but the power of the long ball Neil once again issued a judgment and He was placed just one frame of victory and semifinal berth; semifinals would not give Higgins because it is a big and great when the ropes are not shrinking arm and attack and Higgins ripped the applause with a new hundred (134) and put the 5-4 on the scoreboard.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = JsF58iCwSHM&feature=youtu.be&a

Neil watched the beast awoke at the worst time for their own interests and should do something urgently to stop the Scottish cycle, I was not ready to stop their good game, and again he takes control of the game and everything that would soon decider with a mean face Higgins (signal that is highly concentrated) but (bad boy) I made a mistake and gave the party that kangaroo, first in the tournament, he was seen accusing the pressure making a mistake that returned the turn Higgins, with a break of 66 points, He achieved the coveted decider. I was beginning the last frame and the party entered a path of multiple errors by both parties, Neil more effective because Higgins added some points and only committing mistake after mistake with red balls (failing 5 consecutive). When all it seemed made for Neil got an error that gave the last chance to Higgins, that this time he holed available red ball and a table to win the frame and the party to the despair of Neil, I saw how the Scot gave the match to fail a simple green ball to center pocket. The Australian made no mistake and closed the frame and a party that history will UK.


Here's the exciting match:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 7mTWlWYA8Qs&feature=youtu.be&a

Liang Wenbo v Marco Fu

Asian big duel began: Liang Wenbo conseguía una centena (106) just start the game and put the 1-0 on the scoreboard.


But it does not stop there: Wenbo in the second frame getting another spectacular hundred (132). Marco Fu, favorite a priori, watching his opponent got ball after ball helplessly to stop the game by the Chinese tax Player.


And in the third frame I starting Wenbo identically but still bolder: sought 147, but he had to withdraw with 56 points on the scoreboard, although the continued and reached break 138 cleaning table, putting 3-0 on the scoreboard and leaving Fu unable to respond.


The Happy Valley could save the furniture before the break thanks to a mistake by Wenbo, I went for the fourth hundred. Fu could input 64 and he went to rest two frames down (3-1).

The rest will sit well with Marco Fu, it could have more continuity on the table and getting a vital frame for moral, placing only one of its rival (3-2). However Wenbo wanted to weaken Fu and succeeded winning the sixth frame with two good breaks. Again placed two frames ahead of its rival (4-2). The Chinese player did not want more tight end (as he had with Judd Trump and Tom Ford) hands and was put to work to achieve. Gotta have the frame with 67 points up and 67 to table, but gave way to Fu was forced to make snookers to avoid being on the ropes. But he could not help and the seventh frame side also fell Wenbo (5-2). The Chinese player down the pace and still plugged in and ready to end the fast lane. But a mistake with 45 points over Marco Fu brought in, I had a good choice to stay alive in the game. The Hong Kong dash through and, pulling experience and calmly, without rushing into any blow put the 5-3 on the scoreboard. Wenbo came Fu not how desperate and how slowly began to gain confidence, so that managed to take one frame to the Chinese player failed to play with the necessary tranquility of the moment (5-4). Fu began the next frame and holing, as a thousand battles seasoned player, the tenth frame is carried to force a decider which was the favorite, given the comeback and the state of nerves that Wenbo, to everyone's surprise, He came out ready to take control of the last frame. And he did; Chinese player tries self made aware that he had to think after an error that led to a defensive war. This war was favorable for Fu, due to inexperience in these quotes Wenbo. But Marco Fu also had doubts, giving many options to its rival, gently, I got a lead that forced Fu to look snookers, managing to increase the level of excitement of myocardial decider. Finally, after a few intense minutes of defensive trade, Marco Fu committed a grave error by allowing Wenbo enter table and pocketed balls to win the frame and match. Fu acknowledged his defeat with a friendly gesture: He puts your towel on his head as he went to Wenbo final hole pink.


Here's the full game:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 9Q6cCllHBao&feature=youtu.be&a

Session 20:00 h.:

The evening session brought us two fantastic matches:

– Matthew Sold, whose mentor is the great Stephen Hendry, He came to this round without quite satisfied with his game (as he stated a few days ago) and where it was going to have a tough opponent: the world number one, Mark Selby. Un Selby que, except for her third round match against Jamie Jones, He had been doing a great snooker.

– David Grace (81 del ranking) She reached quarterfinals after beating Andrew Higginson, Robert Milkins, Jack Lisowski y Peter Ebdon. Su oponente era Martin Gould, London player who eliminated Mark Allen and Joe Swail in third and fourth rounds (and this season has been a finalist at the Australian Open and reached quarterfinals of the Shanghai Masters).


Matthew Selt v Mark Selby

The number 1 The world began their match with great authority, as it did with the Thai Poomjaeng. Everything would win the first frame with ease, misplacement but gave way to Selt, beginning a frantic struggle to win the first frame; an exciting frame falling on the side of Mark Selby after a defensive error by Matthew Selt, putting 1-0 on the scoreboard. The second frame was dominated by Leicester, that could put the 2 a 0 with a break of 63 points in the frame. Selt he is watching his opponent put land in between and had to react if he did not see how the number was leaving 1 the world to break with the party for judgment. And it began with great concentration and began to build a break that, eventually, It would be final (87) without giving options of reply to compatriot. We had one frame before the break that would dictate the way the game, since losing to Selt will put the semi-finals uphill. The Romford began willing to put the tie to two, but a grave error to start the frame gave the turn of Selby, that took advantage of the opportunity and turn Selt recovered with a long ball that comforted him with a lead of 35 points on the scoreboard and quiet to go ahead in the frame for the final moments of the same. Selt not take long to re-take control but a new error gave way to Selby. Matthew Selt knew that to win his compatriot could not commit such errors, because you end up paying dearly. Selby managed to adjust and put the marker 12 below (with 35 to table) and passed the pressure Selt, returning to err (defense in this case) y Mark Selby, it's like a big, and he spared not closed the frame before the break. Put the 3 a 1 the score without making a big snooker.


After descaso Selt, to score against and some bad feelings of the first session, He could take control of the table. But the mistake came at the first hurdle, giving way to a defensive struggle with Selby, which it is one of the best defenders in the circuit. And they confirmed the number one, again take control of the table and doing another of its virtues: grandes breaks (in this case a 61), putting his opponent on the ropes with 67 points in the table; Mark Selby table recovering to close the frame, place the 4-1 and make it very touched to rival.

Selby was on plan number 1 and put more land in between, a Selt he saw how his dream vanished him to sneak in a prestigious UK semis. Mistakes are expensive and with the likes of Mark Selby and he put a strong 5-1 on the scoreboard with a break of 62.

Selby was untreatable and had little to tell the final whistle, it was a Leicester player monologue (that after overcoming a party that had virtually lost with Jamie Jones) It has given us two exhibits good snooker: Thai Poomjaemg against each other and against compatriot Matthew Selt. Mark Selby lograba un break de 72 to put a strong 6 a 1 and sign the semifinals Saturday morning, where he will face Neil Robertson from the 20:00 h.
Here's the video of the match:

The match began with a first frame somewhat hesitant on both sides, with Grace who neglected a good choice to open the scoring; however Gould did, and solved the frame brilliantly (1-0). David Grace could remove the bad taste of the first frame and could continue in his game, getting put the tie to 1 on the scoreboard with a good break from 74. Martin Gould, knowing the great form and his opponent mentally, pressure got his compatriot by winning the third frame getting a fantastic hundred (125) and placing the 2-1 on the scoreboard.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = eesqxeDwTeA&feature=youtu.be&a

The last frame before the interval came back to the path of first: much exchange and Grace trying to score points, but their mistakes took Gould, that ended up clinching the frame and leaving the rest with a favorable marker 3-1.


After the break Gould did not want to waste the great opportunity I had to spend a large semifinals. He came prepared to make it on the fast track and avoid surprises or accuse the pressure of a tight finish. English, currently it ranks 24 del ranking, He gave us a wonderful break from 127 points to put the 4-1 marker.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = RfKqtL2TXRA&feature=youtu.be&a

Sixth frame and Gould was taken to the semis of the UK to the disappointment of David Grace, I should fight a match with a score very uphill and, the worst of all, with a rival in grace and experienced. The bleeding stopped with Martin Gould 30 points on the scoreboard, giving way to a defensive struggle that would be key to Grace options in the frame. But nevertheless, It missed the control after winning the hard-fought table and spared London, closing the frame with a break of 72 and placing a strong 5 a 1 on the scoreboard.

The seventh frame envisaged mere formality for Gould, that he had an error, and Grace looked very deconcentrated and dedicated and could not continue his game (something critical to winning frames to these levels of competition). Player Leeds, with a very poor marker in the frame, It had an option to extend the match and, to everyone's surprise, He cleared the table making a break of 50 and it was done with a frame with getting to stay alive in the tournament and put the 5-2 on the scoreboard.

Grace, that looked like it was almost out of UK, He grabbed the table and managed to win a frame that everything would take Martin Gould. But a mistake by holing white ball gave option to David Grace, already brought a good income from points, to solve the frame and move a step closer to Gould. He is winning two consecutive frames and put 5-3 below.

The ninth frame would say if David Grace is all got in the game and could live another drama starring Gould (as it happened in the WCH with an epic comeback from Martin Gould Neil Robertson). Grace began hitting and was expected to be hard and battled frame, with short breaks. And so it was developed. David Grace was wiser than his rival and placed 44 points up on the scoreboard and 75 to table. Again turn the catch of Leeds and got another break short haul, but enough to win the frame and immerse yourself in the game. And placed the marker 5-4, just one frame to force the decider.

Décimo frame y Martin Gould, once again, I could not take the initiative. Grace, as in the previous frame, could short breaks and thanks to the mistakes of London getting off on the scoreboard with a very comfortable income to face the end of the frame. Gould had many options to pick the turn and develop a good break and win the match, but his magic was gone (as the level of the quarterfinals he was being somewhat poor in terms of breaks and defensive game). The score was 42 a 19 for Grace and had easy ball for virtually force the decider. But again the inexperience of the English player was noted (81 del ranking) with a new error; also commit an error Gould, to everyone's surprise, and Grace. as usual. performing a mini break and defended the absence of just pocket a ball to force the decider. Decider coming, putting the equalizer 5 on the scoreboard.

The drama was served with the decider. After moving 5-1 David Grace could down a partial 4 consecutive frames to make you remember old ghosts Martin Gould. Grace hit first, as it had been customary in the past frames, and Gould could not have defensive line to gain control of the table. Everything would be completed the comeback. 25 a 0 Grace and back to defensive struggle, which again he had the same winner: the Leeds, it looked playing to win and get into semifinals UK 2.015. Grace played the final moments as a veteran and did what nobody expected: error with match point, a simple ball that left the score 61 Up to Grace 67 en mesa para Gould, that stopped in 30 leaving points 35 in table and drama became more interesting. With 28 points in faults Gould pulled Grace, Martin Gould regained control of the table and, how not, It came another mistake that put him on a silver platter the patido his opponent, this time did not fail and could make history. The number 81 the ranking had access to the semifinals of the prestigious UK, where he will face Liang Wenbo.

Here's the decider emocionantísimo:


Enhorabuena a David Grace! And congratulations also to Martin Gould for the great tournament that he has made!

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