Objective elements


Snooker is a pool game played on a special table, whose essential characteristics are:

  • green upholstery
  • thicker cloth
  • wooden edges
  • smaller and rounded embrasures
  • some measures of 3,569 meters long x 1,778 meters wide (from 12 pies)
  • and a height that ranges between 85,1 and the 87,6 centimeters, from the ground to the top of the risers.
Snooker table
Snooker table

Snooker is played with 21 balls (22 total, counting on the cue ball or cue ball), all completely smooth and with a diameter of 52,5 millimeters.
There are 15 balls rojas, a yellow, a verde, a Brown, a blue, a rosa and one black and each one has a different value:

*Black: 7 points
*Rosa: 6 points
*blue: 5 points
*Brown: 4 points
*Verde: 3 points
*Yellow: 2 points
*Rojas: 1 point each

The ball yellow is positioned to the right of the output D.
The ball verde is positioned to the left of the output D.
The ball Brown is placed in the center of the D. All of them on the horizontal head line.
The ball blue sits right in the center of the table.
The ball rosa is placed midway between the short band and the center of the table.
The ball black is placed on the quarter point behind the block.

Snooker table


The objective, as in any game, is to get more points than the rival. For this, it will be necessary to "hole" (put the balls in the pockets) in a certain order, as explained in the section “Gameplay“.