Other Considerations

Touching Ball
Example of “touching ball”.

In this post we will review some general considerations that you will have to take into account when playing or watching snooker.. We are not going to extend much, You can check these and other things in the translation that we have made of the Regulation by clicking here.


– Pocketing a ball that doesn't match, or the cue ball, supposed to commit a fault. If a color ball is pocketed in need, it returns to its place. If you hole up by regulation you also go back to your place, except when there are no red balls left on the table.

– In the event of a foul, the player who committed it may be ordered to repeat it or continue playing yourself (depends on how the table is), except if you have holed white ball. The decision to send repeat or play can only be made by the player who has not committed a fault, who is the one in possession of the turn at that time.

– Touching a ball other than the one indicated involves a foul. The points that the rival adds are, As minimum, 4. If the ball involved is of higher score than 4 the points worth said ball will be added. If there is more than one ball involved, the value of the fault is equal to the points worth the highest scoring ball.

– Not touching a ball is also considered a foul. If the shot is to a colored ball, and not this one is not contacted, the value of the fault is that of the points worth the ball that had been nominated (therefore it is important to indicate which ball is going to be played when it is not clear).

Here you have a clear example of this type of fault:


– You can put several red balls in the same shot, but NO various color. It is also not allowed to hit a colored ball or a red ball to put another colored ball in combination, but you can combine red balls to put red balls.

– If the white ball is holed, the opponent is in a situation of "ball in hand”And the white is placed inside the starting D.

– If a colored ball has to be placed in its spot but it is busy, will be placed at the highest value point that is available. If all the ball points are occupied, the colored ball will be placed as close to its point as possible, between that placement point and the closest part of the top band. In any case, when the colored ball is placed on its spot it must not be touching another ball.

– Is considered “touching ball” when at the end of a stroke the cue ball is in contact with a ball or balls.

– The cue ball is said to be in a situation of “snooker” when a direct hit in a straight line to all the balls on (are the balls that can be pocketed) East, totally or partially obstructed by a ball or balls that are not "on".

– In the event that a frame is tied to points, the black ball will be repositioned at its point and the players will compete to see who pocketed it before and thus break the frame.