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Cue Ball
Cue Ball


Here are some of the most used terms in Snooker.

Cue ball: white ball

Target Balls: the 15 Rojas and the 6 color.

Pot: hole, that is to say, insert the target ball into the pocket

Tronera: each of the holes or openings for the balls to enter through them.

Frame: understands the period from the start of the game, with all the balls on the table and with each player playing in turn, until the frame is finished.

Game: is an agreed or stipulated number of frames.

Match: is an agreed or stipulated number of games.

Striker: player shooting.

Stroke: is the blow (the shot) and occurs when the striker hits the cue ball with the crown / cue tip.

Break: break, that is to say, a series of balls pocketed in successive strokes made by a single player in any turn during the frame.

Ball On: any ball that can be hit by the first hit of the cue ball, or any ball that cannot be hit but can be pocketed.

Nominated Ball: nominated ball; is the target colored ball that the shooting player announces, or indicates at the request of the referee.

Foul: lack; is any violation of the Regulations.

Snooker: The cue ball is said to be in a snooker situation when a direct line hit to all balls is not, totally or partially obstructed by a ball or balls that are not "on".

Foul and a Miss: when the cue ball cannot first contact an on ball and the referee considers that the player shooting has not made a good enough attempt to hit the ball on.

Touching Ball: when at the end of a stroke the cue ball is in contact with a ball or balls on, or they could be "on".

Marker: referee "marker"; must keep the score on the scoreboard and assist the referee in the performance of his duties. It will also act as an engraver, If necessary.

Recorder: referee "engraver"; you must keep a record of each stroke played, showing fouls when applicable and how many points are added by each player or team as required. It will also record the break totals, o los breaks.