Welsh Open 2.016: FINAL

Sunday, 21 February 2.016: FINAL

Ronnie O’Sullivan at the Neil Robertson Final Welsh Open 2016

The grand finale of the Welsh Open 2.016 had arrived. We could delight ourselves with two players who arrived in a spectacular state and who, Safely, they would make us vibrate throughout the two sessions in which the final was divided (1Session at 14:00 h. and 2nd session at 20:00 h.). The first player to win 9 frames would do with the title and 60.000 pounds of award.

All the information about what happened in the previous rounds (picture, format, results, videos, links, etc.) in: Welsh Open 2.016.


1MEETING: 5-64, 0-78 (78), 88-33 (60), 1-76 (76), 71-12 (60), 0-66, 1-77 (77), 85-20

The session started very well in the interest of the Australian, because he won the first two frames with some solvency achieving a break of 78 In a second. Robertson was demonstrating a high level of play and was aware that he should not give any option to his rival: 2-0

In the third frame, O’Sullivan had an inning of 60 and a bad placement caused his opponent to enter the table and have the opportunity to clean up and win the frame; however Robertson missed the last red ball and El Rohete raised the frame to his marker with another inning of 28 points: 2-1.

The Australian reacted by winning the frame before the break with a break of 76 and a deserved favorable marker of 3-1.


After the break, Chigwell's managed to reduce his rival's advantage on the scoreboard., winning the fifth frame with an entry higher than half a hundred; however in the next two frames he only scored 1 point. Neil Robertson enlarged his lead and put the 5-2 with a grand entrance 77 points in the penultimate frame.

Ronnie O’Sullivan came out of the first session alive after winning the last frame, knowing that he should no longer miss opportunities or give Robertson many options if he wanted to lift the trophy for the fourth time in his career.


2Session: 94-39 (57), 78-42, 74-26, 71-21 (70), 79-1, 141-0 (141)

Neil Robertson was gone with a lead of 5-3 on Ronnie O’Sullivan after the first session of the final, and he needed to win four more frames to get the trophy and the 60.000 pounds and manage to win his second Welsh Open (which would mean his twelfth ranking title in his professional career.

O'Sullivan was only showing certain glimpses of the good game that he had been making throughout the week, where he had only lost six frames in six games. If you wanted to match the Higgins tournament record and get your title 28 ranking should win six of the nine frames left to play.

The Australian had the opportunity to increase his lead on the scoreboard in the first frame of the night session, but he missed it and Ronnie took a frame that was key to his aspirations for the possible final victory: 5-4.

Both players had options in the tenth frame but, once again, a Robertson failure allowed O’Sullivan to get fully into the game, winning his third frame in a row and putting the tie on the scoreboard: 5-5.

The one from Chigwell achieved a partial 4-0 en el siguiente frame tras una buena entrada de 67 puntos y por primera vez en el partido lideraba el marcador: 6-5.

El australiano tuvo la primera oportunidad de ataque en el duodécimo frame pero, with 21 puntos anotados volvía a fallar y O’Sullivan no perdonaba, making a break from 70 points. Estaba dando otra Master Class de cómo rehacerse en una final logrando darle la vuelta al marcador con un parcial de cinco frames consecutivos.: 7-5.

Con un snooker más que efectivo, y manteniendo la concentración y el gran juego que estaba desarrollando antes del descanso, el inglés dominaba el frame y se colocaba a tan sólo uno de la victoria con otro buen break de 61 points: 8-5.

Ronnie O’Sullivan remataba su extraordinaria semana en Cardiff cerrando el partido con un espectacular 141 (the tenth hundred that I got throughout the week), that evoked the last frame of the Welsh Open final that he played with Ding Junhui in 2.014, where he closed the game and won his third title with a superb 147.


The Rocket had traced a marker against 5-3 to take his fourth Welsh Open title for 9-5!

Ronnie O’Sullivan, Welsh Open champion 2.016

With this he won his fourth Welsh Open, equaling the record set by John Higgins last year, and the 28 career ranking title, thus becoming the second best player of all time to tie titles with John Higgins and Steve Davis, and having only Stephen Hendry ahead with 36.

Here you have the video of the Final. Enjoy!


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