Shanghai Masters 2018

Monday 10 of September, Snooker travels to Asian lands with the Shanghai Masters 2018, offered by Eurosport and Eurosport Player, the snooker house, will broadcast the tournament live, until the very end of Sunday 16 of September, with the comments of Arturo Pérez, Martin Pérez and Sergio Manuel Gutiérrez.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Champion Shanghai Masters 2017
Ronnie O’Sullivan Champion Shanghai Masters 2017

Below you can check the Eurosport and Eurosport schedules 2 to be able to follow the Shanghai Masters 2018 in rigorous live:

You also have the option to follow the Shanghai Masters 2018 through Eurosport Player and be able to choose or see at the same time (with two devices, Tablet, Pc, Car) the two live tables, a real treat for the viewer. AND, the option to view the matches on a delayed basis, in its section 'TO THE LETTER’

Eurosport Player just like Eurosport, offers comments in Spanish with Arturo Pérez, Martín Pérez and Sergio Manuel Gutiérrez.

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