Neil Robertson nuevo Champion of Champions

Neil Robertson, winner of the Champion of Champions 2.015

Neil Robertson last night became the new Champion of Champions, after winning the final against Mark Allen by 10-5.

Then the final analysis we leave you with the best videos from the same.

Sunday, 15 November 2.015, FINAL

The Final is played to the best of 19 frames and is divided into two sessions:

1MEETING, 14:00 p.m.: Neil Robertson v Mark Allen

Tremendous end we are offering Neil Robertson and Mark Allen, a hundred for each far. Mark Allen offered us the first in the second frame and everything we would have a very entertaining match.

Neil Robertson put land in between the fourth frame with a spectacular hundred, leaving the break with a lead 3-1 on the scoreboard and with a good feeling after 114 achieved.

A very exciting final we are seeing today, before the break where we could enjoy two hundred.
The expectation has been high frame by frame; both players have fought and have holed out to solve big balls and decantarlos frames to one side or another.
Robertson has had to pull experience, given their advantage in having played more matches of similar size (remember that the Australian has won the most major championships throughout his career: World Championship, UK Championship, Masters,…).

Quality Mark Allen pulled in the sixth frame to save what could have been a 5 a 1 for Australian, I was playing snooker a serious and effective.

"The Pistol" again demonstrate its tremendous quality winning the eighth frame (being on the ropes), thus managing to cut the lead to Robertson, this way, You can give more 'quiet' to face the last and final session tonight at 20:00 hours.

At the end of the session Neil Robertson maintained a "comfortable" advantage and did not want to leave with the feeling of having thrown to the ground all the work and having to start working that advantage on the scoreboard and thus meet the final moments of the final with greater comfort.

After the first session we go to the next marker:
Neil Robertson 6 in 3 Mark Allen.

2MEETING, 20:00 p.m.: Neil Robertson v Mark Allen

In the first half of the session they have been distributed equitably frames: the first two were for Robertson and Allen in the last two quality has pulled win (making a 112 at the last), thereby shortening the lead with Australian (which came to be 5 frames arriba).

But nevertheless, after the break only two frames fought more.
Neil Robertson, I had a clear advantage (8-5), He chose not to risk anything and be conservative. While the final became quite thick (especially in the frame 14 than, based defenses, hard 50 minutes).

The result: Neil Robertson won his first tournament this season becoming the new Champion of Champions (the second in the last three years), picking up the baton of Ronnie O'Sullivan .

Congratulations to champion and finalist, Mark Allen, by the spectacle they have offered!

We leave the video of the complete end for you to enjoy these two great players:


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