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Jimmy White

James Warren (Jimmy White), is an English professional snooker player. Nicknamed "Whirlwind" for his fluid style of attacking and popularly known as "People's Champion".

Honours: has been a finalist of the World Championship six times, Amateur World Champion, Six-red World Champion, Senior World Champion and World Doubles Champion with Alex Higgins. His achievements in non-world championships include: the UK Championship, the Masters, the Nations Cup, two-time World Cup and British Open champion. He was also the first left-handed player to record a maximum break in the World Championship. (1.992) becoming the second player to have achieved a 147 at the Crisol Theater and joining the list of six unique players who have achieved such a feat. Has done more than 300 hundreds throughout his career (310 specific).

His natural aptitude for snooker, maybe only surpassed by Ronnie O’Sullivan, led to a successful amateur career. After winning the English Amateur Championship in 1.979, a year later he became the youngest winner of the Amateur Snooker World Championship, to the 18 years, a record later beaten by Ian Preece and Hossein Vafaei.

White turned professional in 1.980. In 1.981, participated for the first time in the World Championship, losing to Steve Davis in the first round. But that same year he managed to win the Scottish Masters (derrotanto a Cliff Thorburn) y el Norther Ireland Classic (defeating Davis).

The World Championship has provided White with his biggest disappointments. The first one was in the semi-final of the Championship in 1.982 ante Alex Higgins. With a favorable marker of 15-14 Y 59 up in the penultimate frame, Higgins entered the table and made the mythical break of 69, thus forcing the decider, who ended up winning Higgins depriving Jimmy White of the first final of the World Championship.

The following season White won one of the greats., the Masters, beating Terry Griffiths, and managed to reach his first World Championship final. Going 4-12 down after the first two sessions, White responded by reducing Davis' lead and setting the scoring. 16-17. In the next frame he was unable to take advantage of 40 points and ended up losing the final by 16-18.

Here's the video of White's victory at the Masters.

In 1.986 reached his second final at the Masters, but lost to Cliff Thorburn. But nevertheless, won the Classic (beating Thorburn in the last frame) and retained the title of Champion of the Irish Masters (who had already won the previous year). He subsequently won his first Grand Prix by defeating veteran Rex Williams by 10-6 in the end. Win the Open British in 1.987, his third ranking tournament, helped him finish the season as a number 2 of the world behind Steve Davis, that defeated him in the semifinals of the World Championship of that same year. That same year, both contested the memorable final of the UK Championship, who ended up winning Davis by 16-14.

In 1.988 defeated John Campbell, Stephen Hendry and Tony Knowles to reach their fourth semifinal at the World Championship, who lost to Terry Griffiths.

From here Stephen Hendry would become his black beast, coming to lose against him four World Championship finals.

We leave you the video of White beating Hendry in the Crucible in 1.988.

In 1.989 beat John Virgo in the second round at the World Championship, but in the quarterfinals he lost decisively to John Parrott for 7-13. White avenged this loss by beating John Parrott, by 18-9, in the World Matchplay final. In 1.990 achieved victory over Steve Davis in the semifinal of the World Championship, by 16-14, becoming the first player to defeat him in 4 years in this tournament. However, ended up losing his second final against Stephen Hendry by 12-18. But, by the end of the year, White beat Hendry for 18-9, thus maintaining the title of World Matchplay Champion. That victory was followed by another, by beating Hendry for 10-4 in the final of the Classic of 1.991. White continued his streak of success by winning the World Masters over Tony Drago for 10-6 in the end. Steve James ended Hendry's reign as champion in the World Championship of 1.991, but he was defeated by White, that he managed to reach his third final and that he lost again, this time in front of John Parrott for 18-11. Parrot also beat White to win the UK Championship., by 16-13, that same year.

White started 1.992 positively and won his second British Open title, beating Steve Davis in the semifinals and James Wattana in the final. Won another ranking title, el European Open, shortly after. In the World Championship he played against Tony Drago in the first round and this is where he made history, by getting a 147 in the thirteenth frame. Won 100.000 pounds for achievement. With very close victories over Alain Robidoux and Jim Wych, White faced Alan McManus in the semifinal, beating for 16-7. He thus reached his fourth final in the Crucible and faced Stephen Hendry for the second time.. After the first two sessions White had an advantage of 14-8 about Hendry, but he started to lose frames until the marker was placed on 14-14. White lost the next two frames too, they were very disputed, putting 14-16 on the scoreboard. Hendry sealed his victory with two hundred to win the final by 16-18.

The season 1.992/1.993 it started well for White, defeating Ken Doherty for his second Grand Prix and that was followed by an impressive victory over John Parrot in the UK Championship final, by 16-9. As White has stated, this was one of the best games he has ever played.

In the World Championship of 1.993 beat Joe Swail, Doug Mountjoy, Dennis Taylor and James Wattana on the way to their fifth final. And again he faced Stephen Hendry, who overwhelmingly beat White for 5-18, without having to play the last session. Anyway, White managed to end the season well after beating Alan McManus in the Matchroom League final..

In 1.994 White reached his fifth consecutive World Championship final, becoming the second player to do so (the first was Steve Davis). For the fourth time in five years his rival was Stephen Hendry again. It was a very disputed final that was decided in the last frame. Once again luck fell on Hendry's side, the one White said in the subsequent interview that “was starting to bother” as a joke.

The following season was not very good for White due to health problems, who managed to successfully overcome. In the World Championship of 1.995 White reached his tenth semifinal, where he faced champion Stephen Hendry and where he achieved a 147 in the twelfth frame, before beating White by 16-12.

The season 1.995/1.996 it was not very good. He lost to Peter Ebdon in the second round of the World Championship and had to face tough personal problems, like the deaths of his brother Martin and his mother.

In season 1.996/1.997 He could not win any matches until February and the first round defeat of the World Championship of 1.997 made it come out of the top 16 in the world ranking.

He reached the semifinals of the Grand Prix, in 1.997, and enjoyed great shape at the World Championship in 1.998, where he beat Stephen Hendry in the first round and became the first player to beat Hendry twice in this tournament.. World title race ended for White as he reached the quarterfinals, where he faced Ronnie O’Sullivan and lost 7-13.

White started the year 2.000 reaching the semifinals of the Welsh Open, losing to Stephen Lee for 5-6 after having been winning 4-1. He then defeated Marco Fu and John Higgins to reach the quarterfinals of the Masters and also managed to reach fourths in the World Championship.. In both tournaments he was defeated by Matthew Stevens. Also in the year 2.000 reached the final of the British Open and the semifinals of the Grand Prix. His only victory was against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the Masters of 2.001 and failed to qualify for the World Championship that same year.

In season 2.001/2.002, played ranking tournaments but did not reach any semifinal. At the Masters of 2.002 defeated Matthew Stevens and beat Ronnie O’Sullivan in the quarterfinals again, but lost the semifinal against Mark Williams. In the World Championship of 2.002 lost in the second round match against Matthew Stevens.

In season 2.002/2.003 only won two ranking matches, but he kept his position within the top 16. In the first round of the Masters of 2.003 made a memorable comeback to Peter Ebdon, winning the match by 6-5 when I was losing by 1-5.

The season 2.003/2.004 was the most consistent in over a decade. After reaching the UK Championship semi-finals in November 2.003, White derrotó Neil Robertson, Stephen Hendry and Peter Ebdon to reach the Masters semifinals 2.004, where he lost to Ronnie O’Sullivan in a tight game. White followed with more wins over Hendry and Robertson on the way to the European Open final., but he was defeated 3-9 por Stephen Maguire. His last ranking victory, to this day, occurred in April 2.004, when White defeated Shaun Murphy, John Parrott, Ian McCulloch, Peter Ebdon and Paul Hunter to win the Players Championship in Glasgow, his first ranking title in more than 11 years.

Victory in the World Championship of 2.004 could have given White number one ranking, but he was defeated in the qualifiers by Barry Pinches.

White's consistency decreased over the season 2.004/2.005. Despite the number 8 in the ranking he was unable to reach the quarterfinals in any ranking tournament. In the following season he fell from the top 32. At the end of the season 2.006/2.007 stayed out of the top 48, and fell off the top 64 at the end of the following season. In season 2.008/2.009, after another year full of failures, finished the number 56 del ranking.

At the beginning of the season 2.009/2.010 White reached the final of the Champion of Champions Challenge, losing to Shaun Murphy and provisionally placing the number 47 in the classification. His second tournament of the season was the Sangsom 6-Red World Grand Prix. White won the tournament, ending its title drought by winning first since 2.004. Single 1 month later again he reached a final: la del Paul Hunter Classic, although he lost to Shaun Murphy again. Two months later, he 18 October White reached the World Series of Snooker final, his fourth season finale. This time he was victorious, earning her second title of the season by beating Graeme Dott for 5-3.

In season 2.010/2.011 won the World Seniors Championship, to beat Steve Davis by 4-1 in the end.

White started the season 2.011/2.012 like the number 55 del ranking. At the Legends Tour event in June 2.011, White made a maximum break, unusual in the fact that he bounded the first ball into the serve, which means that your opponent never made a shot in the frame. Season ended number 47 of classification. At present, Jimmy White is in the position 118 del ranking.

In 1.999 was appointed Member of the British Empire (MBE).

In 2.005, as part of a sponsorship agreement with HP Sauce, changed his name to Jimmy Brown for the Masters.


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