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International Championship 2.015: Semifinals and Final


Semifinales International Championship 2.015


The semifinals are played to the best of 17 frames (9 cattle) and in two sessions: 8 frames from the 7:00 a.m. and the rest from the 12:30 a.m.

1ª SEMIFINAL, 30 October 2.015: Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v David Gilbert

First semifinal ranking for Gilbert, after winning an agonizing quarterfinal match against Marco Fu into a decider where he met and cleared the table brilliantly in the final moments.

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, brand new World Champion Six-Reds, It is demonstrating a maturity of a player in the post 47 del ranking, since it has managed to win their 5 games in the deciding frame with the likes of Mark Allen (number 9 of the world) y Mark Williams (twice world champion and Triple Crown).

Result: Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 5 (17) 9 David Gilbert

David Gilbert gets for the first time in a final ranking, And petite end!, la del International Championship (The tournament is divided more money out of the British Isles: 125.000 pounds).

Gilbert emerged victorious from the first session, placing a marker 5-3 to start the next, and doing a partial 3-0 in the second session to move within one frame of the desired end. But nevertheless, Ingés the game did not reflect the scoreboard and the nerves began to wear on him. Thai Gilbert took advantage of errors and won two consecutive frames, putting 8-5 on the scoreboard. In the last frame he played the English obtained a good break, that gave an advantage and a certain calm to face it, although almost take it Thepchaiya (he came to need two snookers and got one) and he decided to fight it.
Gilbert looked a 8-6 when the Thai made a terrible mistake which gave the turn to English, who made no mistake and got his ticket to the final, which will be played on Sunday.

2ª SEMIFINAL, 31 October 2.015: Mark Selby v John Higgins

Starting at 7:00 a.m. starts the second semifinal of the tournament with two large.

The first, English Mark Selby, after a fairly discrete tournaments since his world ranking (number 1) It has become as do large: prestigious tournaments and winning players like Robertson (in quarterfinals) with a spectacular snooker, shedding in the previous rounds of the young Michael White and his nemesis in the World Championship 2.015, Anthony McGill.

The second semifinal, Scotsman John Higgins, if he manages to win you will have the option to enter the History of Snooker, for if he had not done enough: equal the legendary Steve Davis 28 ranking titles and be placed as second best player of all time with “The Nugget” (the first is his compatriot Stephen Hendry, with 38 titles to his credit).
Higgins has had a more difficult path (by rival cache) on the table because there was only one ruler: Scottish passed below the table in eighth Englishman Shaun Murphy and Joe Perry (quartered) He gave few options to start with a partial 4-0, with a final score of 6-0 Y 6-3 respectively. Also easily rid of Michael Holt (6-3) and a young Zhao Xintong
(6-2) than, despite defeat, He got the highest break of the tournament (142).

The show is served!

Result: Mark Selby 4 (17) 9 John Higgins

John Higgins has disarmed the number 1 of the world, English Mark Selby, a snooker that today is unmatched.
Higgins started the second session 5-3 up and managed to gain the 3 first frames, which made him just one of the final.
Selby reacted, managing to force the break with a winning break, but after the break the Englishman returned to the path of errors and Scottish spared.

Final International Championship 2.015

1 November 2.015: David Gilbert v John Higgins

Final 2

The Final is played to the best of 19 frames (10 cattle) and in two sessions: 9 frames from the 7:00 a.m. and the rest from the 12:30 a.m.


First session:

He finished the first session with the final result on the scoreboard tight:

David Gilbert 4 (19) 5 John Higgins

The whole session was very tight (English won the first and third frame with a hundred in the last) until the fourth frame. It seemed that Higgins was away on the scoreboard, placing un 4-2 a su favor, Gilbert rallied but winning two consecutive frames. In the final frame of the session, after an error by Gilbert, Scottish entered the table to put the 5-4 on the scoreboard with a break of 108 and finish with a good feeling.

Second Session:

Higgins, who had won the first two frames of the session (the first of them making a break of 129), was placed in front three and only two of winning the title.
Gilbert, carrying input 54 points in the thirteenth frame, I made a mistake to pocket a red and gave the opportunity to the Scottish and entering the table and win the last frame before the interval.

After the break, Higgins made no mistake and won the two frames that detracted, becoming the new champion of the International Championship, with a marker:

John Higgins 10 (19) 5 David Gilbert

With this victory, The Wizard of Wishaw acaba de igualar en títulos de ranking al gran Steve Davis, with 28, and only surpassed by Stephen Hendry (36).
It is also the third title of winning the Scottish ranking this year (Welsh Open, last season, y Australian Open e International Championship en la actual).

We should also congratulate the runner, David Gilbert, who has done a spectacular tournament, playing at a high level, and he has reached for the first time in his career to one of the most prestigious final ranking. Congratulations, Gilbert!


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