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Gibraltar Open 2.015


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El Gibraltar Open 2.015 It is the fifth event of the tournament series of minor-ranking Kreativ Dental European Tour this season 2.015/2.016 and it is sponsored by Dafabet.

For the first time (and during the next three years) Gibraltar will be the venue for this tournament, which will take place from 9 al 13 from December.

The televised sessions of the Open will take place from Gibraltar 11 al 13 December at the Tercentenary Sports Hall. The qualifying rounds for amateurs are the days 9 Y 10 that month.

Barry Hearn, presidente de World Snooker, He has stated that they are delighted to be able to organize a professional tournament in Gibraltar for the first time and “It is a perfect opportunity for fans in the area can see the top stars of the world“.

Then all information concerning we leave the table, format, meetings and clashes.



All matches are played best of 7 frames.

Wednesday and Thursday (9 Y 10 December 2.015)


Friday, Saturday and Sunday (11, 12 Y 13 December 2.015)

last 128

**NOTICE: times are approximate. The matches will be happening as the tables go being free, so some clashes may begin before or after the scheduled time.


We detail below the television coverage of the tournament featuring Eurosport, From the day 11 from December, and it is subject to any changes deemed appropriate chain.

Friday, 11 from December: Eurosport 2 broadcast live from the 9:30 h. until 17:00 h. and Eurosport1 from 17:00 h. until 21:30 h., also live.

Saturday, 12 from December: Eurosport 1 relays, live, starting at 18:45 h.

Sunday, 13 from December: Eurosport 2 relays, live, starting at 13:00 h. the Quarter finals. The Semifinals are relayed, starting at 16:00 h. Eurosport 2 and 16:45 Eurosport 1. The Final retransmits, live, Eurosport 1 starting at 20:00 h.

For more information please see the following link:


These are the links through which you can follow the match live.


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World Snooker: you also have the option of abonaros to this channel, payment of 4,99 €.

As a last resort, you can follow the Scores:


In the following link you have the clashes of the tournament, which will be updated daily:


9 December 2.015

Resultados 9-12-15

10 December 2.015

(R) 10,00 10-12-15

(R) 12,00 10-12-15

(R) 14,00 10-12-15

(R) 15,30 10-12-15

(R) 17,30 10-12-15

11 December 2.015

Session 9:30 h.:

The surprise of the first session was the elimination of Joe Perry by her compatriot Samuel Thistlewhite by 4-2.

R 9,30

Sessions 11:00 Y 11:30 h.:

R 11,00 y 11,30

In the third frame of his match against Sydney Wilson, Mark Selby dropped the first televised hundred:

And in the fourth frame we demonstrated its tremendous power and control of the table with a serious attempt to 147:

Sessions 12:30, 13:00 Y 14:00 h:

R 12,30 y siguientes

Dylan Craig won his match against Mark Joyce by a score of 4-3.

Richard Beckham got a fantastic hundred in the third frame, that served to get ahead on the scoreboard and to set off alarms twice world champion Mark J Williams. Williams finally fell eliminated in the decider.

Session 15:30 h.:

R 15,30

David Grace, semifinalista del UK Championship, He showed that remains in a good form by defeating Stephen Maguire in the decider, ending the game in a masterly manner.

The session 17:00 h.:

R 17,00

Graeme Dott, world champion 2.006, It was deleted by the Chinese player Zhang Anda by 4-1.

The big surprise of the session, and day, was the 147 that made Marco Fu in the fifth frame of his match against Sam Baird. Since it was not a televised video game no complete break. The cameras focused their table when the last ball was holed color. With this break, if nobody can match him for the rest of tournament, Hong Kong will pocket player 3.500 pounds of award.

Session 19:30 h.:

R 19,30

12 December 2.015

Session 9:30 h.:

(R) 9,30

Sessions 11:00 Y 11:30 h.:

(R) 11,00 y 11,30

Judd Trump recovered their best feelings and closed his party brilliantly.

Sessions 12:30 Y 13:00 h.:

(R) 12,30 y 13,00

John Higgins closed his match with fantastic break of 87 and a marker 4-0 Dechawat against Poomjaeng.

Session 14:00 h.:

(R) 14,00

Stuart Bingham hacía un break de 90 in the second frame of their showdown against Craig Steadman:

With this fantastic break of 93 world champion put the 3-1 on the scoreboard and stood at just one frame of victory.

Session 15:30 h.:

The results of the session of the 15:30 h. we brought the surprise elimination of Judd Trump, in the decider, by her compatriot Rod Lawler (who is ranked number 40 del ranking).

(R) 15,30

Michael White closed his game brilliantly and delighted us with a new hundred (110) a PTC full of big breaks:

Session 17:00 h.:

The session of the 17:00 h. let us another surprise, besides eliminating the great Asian sensation, Ding Junhui, a manos de Stuart Bingham: the elimination of four-time world, John Higgins, por Mark King (English player who is ranked number 39 del ranking) in the decider.

(R) 17,00

Then we leave the full video of the match between Stuart Bingham and Ding Junhui. The Chinese player is going through its lowest hours (remember that was eliminated in the first round of the UK Championship by amateur Adam Duffy):

Session 19:30 h.:

The day ended with the last surprise: removal seeded 3 Tournament, Ryan Day, against the young English player Oliver Lines by 4-3.(R) 19,30

The young English player, just 20 Years Oliver Lines, it qualified for the knockout stages by winning brilliantly decider, with a long ball that gave him control of the final attack.

13 December 2.015:
Last day of competition: starting at 10:00 h. the Eight played, starting at 13:00 h. the rooms, The semifinals starting at 16:00 h. and the grand finale from the 20:00 h.

Session 10:00 h.: Round

The results of the second round left us some surprises, as the elimination of world number one, Mark Selby, at the hands of the UK Championship finalist Liang Wenbo.

(R) 10,00

Wengo Liang confirmed his good form to be able to eliminate in the decider to a whole number 1 of the world.

Session 13:00 h.: ROOMS

(R) Cuartos

Mark King began his quarter-final putting a lot of pressure to current world champion, Stuart Bingham. it should show all his talent to not be out of the tournament at the hands of “giant slayer” Mark King.

Stuart Bingham could not find his best game against his compatriot Mark King, returning the hundred of the latter in the early game.

Session 16:00 h.: SEMIFINAL

They gave beginning the semifinals.
– The player Michael White Welsh world champion faced Stuart Bingham, that during these days had been won their games quite comfortably.
– In the other semifinal duel had Asian: Liang Wenbo, it had eliminated Mark Selby and David Grace in eighth and fourth respectively, he faced Marco Fu, who holds the highest break of the tournament (147).
The four players fight for their ticket to the final of this tournament, that would be played from the 20:00 h. and it has been included in the calendar of the circuit for the first time this year.


With precision punches surgeon Michael White was heading for his first final of minor ranking:

The Welshman Michael White getting an overwhelming victory over the English Stuart Bingham in the semifinals of Open of Gibraltar.


In just over an hour Michael White solved their match against reigning world champion, English Stuart Bingham:


Marco Fu also not give options to the recent finalist UK Championship; Hong Kong player in a decent snooker and play the final against Welshman Michael White


Session 20:00 h.: FINAL

The Gibraltar Open came to an end with a thrilling Final:

The Hong Kong's Marco Fu [14] Welsh Michael White was facing [17] title and 25.000 euro bonus.

To Fu this would be his third final in a tournament of minor-ranking (He was a finalist in both previously played in 2.012 Y 2.013), while for White it was the first final of minor-ranking contesting.

The Happy Valley had managed to reach the final after beating: Sam Baird (4-2, in the fifth frame could break up, that would bring 3.500 White extra pounds if not matched), Dylan Craig (4-2) Luca Brecel (4-2), Dominic Dale (4-1) y Liang Wenbo (4-0).
The Welsh player, meanwhile, He had won their matches against: Peter Lines (4-1), Liam Highfield (4-1), Rod Lawler (4-1), Andrew Higginson (4-3), Alfie Burden (4-2) y Stuart Bingham (4-0).



Tremendous show which featured the great Marco Fu, who delighted us with a super break (140) in the fourth frame to put direct his first minor title ranking.

Marco Fu got his first minor-ranking title, after beating Michael White for 4-1, being so bold in the fifth frame tried to close the match with another maximum break.


Congratulations, Marco, you have given us a great tournament!!


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