Ray Reardon

RAY REARDON (8 October 1.932)

Ray Reardon
Ray Reardon


Welsh, Retired professional snooker player who dominated the decade 1.970, winner of six World Championships and considered one of the best players of the 20th century. After his playing career he has maintained his presence and interest in snooker, in particular helping Ronnie O'Sullivan for a time, giving you technical and psychological help.

Took a taco for the first time at the age of 8 years and, wanting to play pool, turned down a high school place to become a miner at the 14 years, following in his father's footsteps. After a rock fall in which he was buried for three hours, quit mining and became a police officer, when his family moved to Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

With 15 years he beat his Welsh compatriot, Jack Cowey, at the British Junior Championship. After winning the Welsh Amateur title since 1.950 until 1.955, Reardon failed to win the English nor in 1.956 nor in 1.957. Finally, participated again in the event in 1.964, won the English Amateur Championship by defeating John Spencer 11-8 in the end. This victory earned him an invitation to visit South Africa. It turned out to be so successful that he was offered the chance to do it again as a professional. Reardon resigned as a cop and turned pro at 1.967.

Reardon's first appearance at the World Championship was in 1.969, and won his first title the following year, beating John Pulman 37-33 at Victoria Hall in London.
Winning "Pot Black" for the first time in 1.969 made him easily recognizable, becoming with John Spencer the first two men to capitalize on the snooker boom in the decade of 1.970.

Reardon also became popular because he added a touch of humor and entertainment to his game.. With deadly and tactical long strokes at their best, juice 17 World Championship matches without knowing defeat and won the title during 4 consecutive years (1.973 a 1.976). Reardon's unbeaten streak at the World Championship ended in the first championship to be played in the Crucible in 1.977, when he lost to John Spencer in the quarterfinals (6-13); It was his first loss since Rex Williams in 1.972. Reardon regained the title in 1.978, winning it for the sixth and final time by beating Perrie Mans (25-18) in the end. To this day he is still the oldest winner of the World Championship at the age of 45 years and 6 months. In 1.982, with 49 years, played his last final in the World Championship, losing to Alex Higgins 15-18. Last played on the Crucible in 1.987, losing to Steve Davis in the second round.

When the world snooker ranking was introduced in 1.976, Reardon was the first number one, holding that position until the season 1.981/1.982. Your victory in 1.982 in the Professional Players tournament, at the age of 50, led him to regain number one.

He was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) in 1.985.

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